Motorcycle Fun Run

This event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Seabee Ball Committee Motorcycle Fun Run is planned for September 22,2017.  The planned route and details are shown below.  Contact the Motorcycle Fun Run Coordinator ( or 805-982-2883) for additional information.  Proceeds help reduce ticket costs for junior sailors attending the Seabee Ball on March 10, 2018.  Follow the two-step process below to register:

Step-1.  Fill out the registration form below and submit to

Step-2.  Pay the registration fee through Paypal by selecting the link below.  Fee is $40 per participant, which includes one (1) Ventura County Seabee Ball Motorcycle Fun Run T-Shirt


Motorcycle Fun Run

Before the Safety Brief:

  •  Arrive with a full tank of gas
  •  Be certain your bike is in safe, reliable condition
  •  Bring Cash For Lunch

Safety Brief:  The Committee (with the support of Oxnard PD) will be holding a motorcycle safety brief at 0700 before the ride begins.  All riders and potential riders are invited to attend the safety brief.

Ride:  The motorcycle ride will begin immediately following the completion of the Safety Brief. The overall ride is approximately 100 miles.  We will have three stops during the ride.  The first one will be in Ojai, CA.  The second will be in Simi Valley, CA.  The third and final stop will be at “Neptune’s Net” located in Malibu, CA.

All OPNAV 5100.12J requirements will be enforced:  You must have at a minimum proper eye protection, long sleeved shirt, appropriate pants, Sturdy over the ankle footwear, full fingered gloves and a DOT approved helmet. Refer to OPNAVINST 5100.12J section 23.B for questions.